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Android application

Android application is currently the primary graphical interface for the end-user. It allows user to register his BeeeOn gateway, to pair sensors and actuators, to share his BeeeOn home system with other users and to manage their rights. The target of this application is to provide user:

  • a customizable dashboard that will provide a quick overview over his BeeeOn system
  • complete list of his gateways and connected devices
  • localization in various languages (currently English, Czech, Slovak)
  • dedicated algorithms such as watchdog, weather forecast, healthy home environment and others

Source code can be downloaded from project GitHub. It is a classical Java based Android application implemented in the Android Studio. Please read this documentation to successfully compile the application.

Please be aware that the namespace of the BeeeOn application is com.rehivetech.beeeon. RehiveTech is a commercial company that build the hardware as well as funded publication of this Android application on Google Play. This application is available publicly free of charge.

Communication Protocol

Android app communicates with server via SSL connection. The android always connects to server as client and exchange content and commands via XML messages.

Communication protocol

The protocol of communication is defined here.


Android app also supported Android watch, however, this feature is now obsolete.