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About is an open source project aimed at developing the internet of things (IoT). Its goal is to develop a modular, easily extensible and secure system for home control and automation. The system is divided into several parts. On the bottom of the architecture there are end stations, i.e. sensors and actuators. Sensors measure something in the field, for example temperature, humidity, and other values. Meanwhile, actuators can be used for doing something interesting, like turning on the light or opening the window, etc. Both types of end stations are wirelessly connected to another important part of the system -- the gateway. Its responsibility is to secure communication with end stations and with a server. Servers collect data from sensors for further calculations (e.g. to determine the optimal environment from meteorological sensors). A server also sends various commands to end stations depending on the user or other types of actions. And finally, users can access the whole system via the Android application .

System concept

BeeeOn project concept


Link to GitHub repository with all available source code.

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More information

The official project forum based on phpBB has been disabled due to bots/spammers. Please, use our Google+ and Facebook accounts or contact us by email. Thanks!

The official BeeeOn logomanual (ai/png/svg in one zip file) can be downloaded from here.

Third-party devices

In addition to the BeeeOn sensors and actuators, the system supports a range of devices from other vendors. Please check the list of currently supported third-party sensors and actuators to see if your device is supported.

It is also possible to use your router as the gateway with the USB gateway dongle. This eliminates the need to use a standalone gateway. More information on how to turn your router into a gateway can be found here.


Project is supported by individuals or these institutions/companies:

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If you are interested in supporting, please, contact us on Google+ , Facebook or by email. Thanks!