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Sensor details

Currently, there is one type of prototype OSHW BeeeOn sensor that is able to measure temperature and humidity. It is also possible to connect external temperature sensor by means of extra cable connected to this BeeeOn sensor.


This is how it looks like (with own case):





PCB dimension which fits its enclosure/case described bellow.


PCB of sensor in 3D view.

Schematics and PCB files for Altim Designer and Gerber formats are in BeeeOn GitHub.

Compiler installation and programming

  • Install the required packages - XC8(compiler for PIC microcontroller), Plib(Peripheral Libraries for XC8 Compiler), Arm SDK(development packages for adapter), MPLAB X IDE(runs to develop application for Microchip microcontroller - Integrated Development Environment), development packages for Ubuntu,
  • Support commands in Simulator and compile system - compile of individual devices(PAN, COORD, ED), support for x86 and hw platform(Microchip controllers, ARM), supported commands in the simulator
  • Programming sensor hardware

FIT protocol

BeeeOn has its own implementation of RF communication protocol. Implementation is not compatible with current standards (like Zigbee, Bluetooth) due to specific requirements for IoT sensor architecture for our case and is optimalized for extremely low power nodes.

RF protocol is called FIT protocol and is described in more detail FIT protocol.


Case model for 3D printing can be downloaded in STL format here (zip file). All model files are freely available under CC BY-SA 2.0 license.

Sensor case consists of sensor-top part:


sensor-bottom part:


and finally sensor-lightpipe part: